Today’s Word of Encouragement | Evangelist Byron Foxx

The current trial in our country has caused some to feel overwhelmed. Others seem to somewhat relish these challenging days. What causes the difference in people’s responses to periods of crisis? The answer is FAITH IN GOD! Faith always wins!

When someone receives Christ as Savior, they are actually enrolling in an army! God’s army is always fighting, working, and marching forward! 

God’s people are described as pilgrims in Hebrews 11. People of faith are described in the Bible as competitors. We continually run the “race that is set before us.” We are always “pressing toward the mark!”

So why does God place challenges before us? Why does God allow challenges to come to a country? Why does the Lord assign to our feeble hands’ these great assignments?


Friends, there is a reason! God in His mighty wisdom has a purpose in what we are assigned to do! God has a goal for us, He has a program for us, he has a challenge for us! And it is glorious to set about the task of doing God’s work!

If people of faith are to be strong, and healthy, and gaining victories, we must rise to every challenge that is set before us! GOD HAS DESIGNED HIS PEOPLE TO RISE TO CHALLENGES!

-Noah was faced with an upcoming world catastrophe. God warned him about the flood, and in faith, Noah rose to the challenge of building an ocean liner sized vessel!

-David heard Goliath mocking God and volunteered to fight the giant! Goliath promised to feed David to the fowls, but David fought in the name of God, and had a tremendous victory that day!

-The three Hebrew children refused to disobey God and bow down to worship an idol. The wicked king had them thrown into a fiery furnace, but the Lord delivered them! Those three Hebrew boys had fireproof faith!  

So, in our present national crisis, what should God’s people be doing?

-Stay focused on the goal! Aim to please God in all we say and do.

-Keep active! God’s people are not a lazy group!

-Point folks to Christ! World evangelism is the greatest challenge ever given!

Faith Leaders Update with Reince Priebus

Especially in times like these, it is very important for you to be informed on what’s happening at the national level with policies that can impact your ministries.

Next Tuesday, April 21st at 1:30 PM PT/4:30 PM ET, join Faith Wins Founder and President Chad Connelly and Dr. Paul Chappell, Senior Pastor of Lancaster Baptist Church, Lancaster, California, as they host a Zoom call with presidential adviser and former White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus with Prayer Leaders Dr. Byron Foxx, Dr. Scott Pauley and Dr. Ralph Sexton.

Priebus will bring his insights on what’s happening right now on a number of issues that are vitally important to our faith outreach work.

As a former head of the Republican National Committee, Reince Priebus was instrumental in faith outreach efforts during the 2016 presidential election. During his time as White House Chief of Staff, he ushered in a strong and supportive voice for Christian values and faith outreach for the White House.

This is a MUST JOIN call that you will not want to miss.

RSVP for the Zoom Call

COVID-19 Restrictions: When Government Goes Too Far

Dear Pastor friends,

We trust all of you had a wonderful Resurrection Sunday in these different times we’re experiencing. Over the course of the last week it’s likely that you’ve heard about some of the government overreach and attacks on religious liberty that have occurred in several states. Whether the affront was due to an overzealous local law enforcement official or a progressive governor, we are certain that your First Amendment rights have NOT been removed! We want to provide you with a list of Christian legal teams who can help you navigate these situations if they occur in your community or state.

Here are some examples of these incidents that we’ve uncovered for you to read:

Christian legal teams that can help:

E-Cigarette Dangers

Recently, a group of evangelical leaders sent a letter to President Donald Trump encouraging a ban on the now-popular e-cigarettes. This comes after recent tragic events where numerous young people have fallen victim to the lie that e-cigarettes cannot hurt you.

“With an epidemic of youth vaping continuing, and an outbreak of vaping-related lung diseases, it is as important as ever that we keep these products out of the hands of America’s young people,” the letter signed by a half-dozen evangelical leaders states.

Read the letter in its entirety.

Law Enforcement Memorial to Remain in Tega Cay, SC

In July, 2019, a memorial to law enforcement officers, donated by a local womens’ group, was erected outside the new police headquarters in Tega Cay, South Carolina.

A simple stone monument, the memorial included the inscription “Matthew 5:9” on the front and a simple prayer on the reverse side. 

As is the trend of the day, someone complained about the religious references on public property.  Bending to secular (and minority) will, city officials removed the monument.

The public outcry was swift and loud and received national attention. 

Citizens and church groups, supported and advised by Faith Wins, protested in writing, on social media and in person with such God-inspired veracity that, ultimately, the memorial was restored to the property. 

Except for the scripture reference on the front, the monument and the full prayer are now on public display.

Faith Leaders Briefing with VP Pence

Faith Wins sponsored a “Faith Leaders Briefing” on March 30, 2019 featuring Vice President Mike Pence and Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC).

Sen. Lindsey Graham, Vice President Mike Pence, Faith Wins CEO Chad Connelly and SC Governor Henry McMaster

Recognizing the need for a complete transformation of America’s judiciary with more conservative, constitutional judges, Faith Wins Founder and CEO Chad Connelly, has long advocated the necessity for state and national leaders to hear from and connect with pastors, churches and faith groups.

Leveraging his vast connections in government and, particularly, his close friendship with Sen. Graham, Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, Chad arranged for the Vice President and the Senator to attend the briefing at Brush Creek Baptist Church in Taylors, South Carolina prior to a Graham campaign rally in nearby Greenville.

Vice President Pence updates faith leaders in South Carolina.

In his remarks, Vice President Pence told the group; “We know the truth is no podium the President and I ever stand behind will be of greater consequence than your pulpits.  No policy we ever enact will be more meaningful than the ministries that you lead.  No action will — we take will ever be more powerful than the love and compassion and the prayers for the American people.”