Faith Pledge 2020

We invite you to be part of something special.  Something that can change the course of our nation.

It’s the Faith Wins Pledge campaign – and it’s designed to reach and engage America’s faith based conservatives to make a difference.

Our goal is to identify 100,000 Christian conservatives who will pledge to help identify, register, inform and mobilize America’s faith based community to vote their values in the coming 2020 elections.

In just a few short months, Americans will go to the polls again and cast ballots in the most important election in our lifetime.  The outcome depends on what Christians do between now and then.

Everything is up for grabs…

  • The White House
  • 435 US House seats
  • 36 US Senate seats
  • Federal judgeships
  • 36 governorships
  • 89 state legislative chambers with over 6,000 seats
  • Important pro-life legislation
  • Protecting our religious liberties

And that’s just for starters.

Will you help build an army of Christian conservative activists to make the difference?

We’re looking for 100,000 Christians who will pledge to do three things:

  1. Work for 100% voter registration in their church
  2. Educate others on issues that impact our faith and our families
  3. Encourage fellow Christians to vote their values on Election Day.

Put simply, campaigns are won or lost depending on who shows up at the ballot box – and far too many Christians stay at home and miss their chance to make a difference.  The Faith Wins Pledge campaign can help change that!

But it all begins with you.  Will you join us?